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About Austin

principal photographer

Austin J. Smith

My love affair with photography began in 2010 - what was supposed to be a pit stop in multimedia on the way to being the UM J-School's next Capote instead became my calling. My life has now become a series of "Is this for real?" moments, like eating lunch with Venus Williams or tracing Billy Joel's footsteps through the Garden. I am forever grateful for the opportunities I've earned through the camera, and it's my responsibility to learn, to teach, to hopefully leave a legacy of craftsmanship.


executive bear


Bearsy was born in Great Falls, MT, in July of 2009 to parents Thor and Babe. We kept her litter at our house in Missoula until the siblings were distributed amongst us friends, and she led a blessed life full of fishing trips, belly rubs and bacon. BBP was lucky enough to rodeo with her the last few months she was alive, clocking 20K bear miles from Woodward to Spanish Fork.

Sweet Bearsy passed away on August 4th, 2021, and we miss her terribly every day.